Have you heard it?

Have you heard it? Will you listen? Have you heard My still small voice? Will you listen to and hear all I say? For lo, many do not even realize I speak. Others never know or realize I am speaking to them. I tell you, some have heard, yet they have refused or neglected to do that which I have spoken to them. For others, their ears have become plugged with selfishness, flesh and this world. For the noise of this world, the flesh and selfishness has become louder than My voice. I say, remove thyself. Step aside and go in to the cleft of the rock. I say, go into that hiding place, go into your secret place and wait upon Me. Know that I will give you ears to hear. For I make deaf ears open. Listen and know that which I desire. For I will reveal My hearts intentions to you, for you shall know as you are known sayeth the Lord.

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