Have you become a part of it?

Tell Me, have you? Have you become a part of it? Have you become a part of the unity I so desire? Have you joined in, in the chorus of My heartbeat? For lo, though there are many who say they are mine, they do NOT walk in unity. For their hearts beat for their own desires, their own wants and dreams. Yes, I have said there are many parts, yet ONE body. For I tell you, they shall know you are mine by your love. Your love for Me, your love for My spirit, your love for My word and your love for each other. I tell you, our hearts shall beat as one. My bride’s heart shall beat as mine. For just as I have said, the two shall become one. Will you come? Will you stand in unity with Me? Will you stand in unity as My bride or will you go forth and be separate and walk as you desire sayeth the Lord?

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