How are you?

How are you? Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Are you desperate? Are you dead and dry? Tell Me, how are you? For lo, I tell you this, ask of Me. For I will fill the hungry. I will satisfy the thirsty. I will come near and cover the desperate. Yes, know that I will refresh and restore the dry and the dead. Just come. Come in faith. Come knowing I will do all this and oh so much more. For I will do above and beyond all you could ask, think or hope for. For I will fill you to overflowing. Just allow Me to be your everything, your all in all. I say, call out to Me and I will answer. Cry out to Me and I will do all I say I will do. For I am God, I do not lie, is NONE besides Me and I love you sayeth the Lord.

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