Let Me show you!

Let Me do it! Will you? Will you let Me show you? For I will. I will give you a sense of wonder and awe. For I will show you a newness every day. Let Me surprise you and share with you My wonder and My glory. For I long to reveal myself to you. Yes, I long to show you a new side of Me every day. For my mercies are new EVERY day. BEHOLD, I do a new thing. Let Me do that new thing in you. Let Me do it to you and through you. Let Me show you My wonderful works. Let Me show you My might and the strength of My right hand. Just give Me room to move. Give Me room to do all I wish and desire. Let Me surprise you. Let Me surpass all you could ask, think or hope for, because that is My desire. Yes, that is My love for you, excessively great beyond all measure sayeth the Lord.

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