Will you resonate it?

Will you resonate it? Will you resonate the sound of heaven? Will you resonate with My heart, My love, My spirit and My word? For lo, when you do it will vibrate and penetrate and touch the hearts of men deep. For it is the sound of spirit, My spirit. Yes, many would try to duplicate it. Many would try to imitate it, yet there is NOTHING that can compare to it. For you see, you will resonate Me. I am life, I am love, I am God Almighty. You remember this, as I am so are you on this earth. For all who see you will see Me, all who feel you will feel Me and all who hear you will hear Me. As you resonate Me, My spirit and My fullness that which must be broken will break. Yes, that which must be strengthened will strengthen. So I say go, resonate Me, be that vessel I created you to be and do all I created you to do sayeth the Mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

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