Can I have it?

Can I? Can I have it? Can I have that which I paid for? For lo, I paid the highest price for you. I paid the ransom that was due. Will you give it to Me? For lo, many say they will, yet do not. Many say they lay down their lives yet hold onto them in their hearts. I have said give and it shall be given unto you. I say, give Me your life, all it is and all it contains. I will give you mine. Lay down your life and allow Me to give you mine. I say, let go. For I will cause you to be that new creature I designed you to be. Let Me have all. For as a man soweth, that shall he reap. For I have sown My love, My son and all I am into that which I love. Come to Me and let Me reap the harvest of all you are sayeth the Lord.

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