Can we dance?

I ask you, can we dance? Will you dance with Me? Will you dance with Me in the rain? I say, dance with Me in the rain of My spirit. Dance with Me the victory dance. Dance for joy in the glory of My presence. Yes, in the beauty of My holiness. For lo, I dance over you with joy. For behold, you are My beloved bride. I have given you the victory. I have seated you at My right hand with Christ. I say dance, for I have overcome the enemy, the world, death, hell and the grave. I say worship Me in spirit and in truth. Let Me wrap My arms around you. Let Me cover you with My presence and we shall dance. As we do, all will see you are My beloved. For you shall follow My lead and you shall show forth My glory, honor and praise in all you are sayeth the great and mighty Lord God Jehovah, the Lord of heaven and earth.

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