Have you gone there?

Have you gone there? Have you gone up to the high places? Have you gone to burn incense up on the mountains? Tell Me this, where have you gone? Have you gone to seek Me in the secret place? Have you gone and hid in the cleft of the rock? Know this, many have gone and defiled themselves. For they have gone up to the high places and worshipped self, flesh and the world. I say, many have gone up to the mountains and burned incense to the Gods of their own imagination. I tell you, put all that far away from you. Turn to Me. For you are to be a living sacrifice. You are to be a sweet smelling odor in My nostrils. I say, be ye separate and defile yourselves no more. For I am a jealous God. I will share you with none other. So choose you this day whom you will serve. Choose you this day where you will go. For it stands before you, life or death, blessing or a curse. I say choose Me, choose life so you may live sayeth the Lord.

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