Are you ready for it?

Are you ready for it? Are you prepared for what is about to come? For lo, that which has never been seen, felt, heard or know before will come. For I have heard the cry of My people. I have heard the voice of faith rise up to My ears. For I tell you, My spirit will flood this land once again. No, it will not be like before. No, it will not be as usual, yet it will be by My hand. It will be in a way only I can orchestrate. For behold, I do a new thing. The hearts of many are being moved. The hearts of many are being prepared. I tell you, do NOT look back, do not look at what was. For behold, all will be impacted. Yes, all will be affected. Beloved, stand up and be My pure bride. Be ready. For lo, the harvest is at hand. The harvest cometh in sayeth the Lord.

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