Will you resound?

Will you be it? Will you resound? Will you resound My love? Will you resound My presence, My spirit and My praise? For lo, I will fill you. I will cause you to resound the sound of My fullness through your relationship with Me. Know this, you shall resound with the sound of heaven. It shall affect and impact all around you. For some it will irritate and drive away. For others it will intrigue and draw in. Then there will be those, those who will come and be in harmony and in sync with you. I tell you this, My people, My holy people will be united. For they shall be in unity and one as we are one. The whole earth shall know. The whole earth shall feel it. For My presence, My power, My love and My praise shall cover the whole earth sayeth the Mighty Lord of glory, the great God of heaven and earth.

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