What have you been given?

Tell Me, what is it? What have you been given? For lo, many of My people know and believe they have been given My grace, mercy and love. Yet I tell you, so many still walk in fear, doubt and unbelief. Know this, you have NOT been given a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind. Do not accept the lies and deceit of the flesh, the world and the enemy. For behold, I gave all. Yes, I paid for all. I said all authority I give to you. I said peace I give unto you, My peace I leave with you. You have been given My name. You have been given freedom. You have been given My authority. Do not accept that which is contrary and an enemy of Me. For I came out of My great love for you. Rise up. Receive all I have given you and walk in the fullness of who I am sayeth the Lord.

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