Month: October 2018

Is it tight?

Have you felt it? Can you sense it? Is it tight? For lo, I tell you this, it is building pressure. Yes, the bubble of revival is filled up tight. I say be ready. Yes, watch and see. For behold, before you know it,… Continue Reading “Is it tight?”

Can I reveal it?

I ask you this, can I reveal it? Can I? Will you let Me? For lo, I will reveal to you that which you have never seen or known before. For man can only see so much. Flesh can only see so far, yet… Continue Reading “Can I reveal it?”

Will you look in the ashes?

What are you doing? Why are you there? Will you look in the ashes? What is there you want or desire? I said I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. My fire has burnt up all the past. My fire… Continue Reading “Will you look in the ashes?”

Will you hunger for it?

Will you hunger for it? Will you thirst for it? Will you long for and desire it like never before? For lo, I have said they that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled. Well I say, those who hunger and thirst for… Continue Reading “Will you hunger for it?”

Can I rub it in?

Let Me preserve you. I say, let Me keep you. For I have said I know how to keep you. Can I rub it in? I say, let Me rub in the salt of My word, the salt of My spirit and the salt… Continue Reading “Can I rub it in?”

Have you lifted it up?

Have you? Have you lifted it up? Have you lifted up your head? Have you lifted up your hands? I say, lift up your voice in praise to Me. Praise Me for all I have promised. Praise Me for all I have said I… Continue Reading “Have you lifted it up?”

Have you felt it?

Have you felt it? Have you felt the beating of My heart? Have you felt the touch of My hand? Have you felt the wind of My spirit? I tell you, I will give you My heart. I say, just draw close to Me.… Continue Reading “Have you felt it?”

Would you drink it?

What would you drink? Would you drink it? For lo, it has been set before you, the cups of life and death. What will you choose? Would you choose to drink the cup of dregs and poison of the flesh, the world and sin?… Continue Reading “Would you drink it?”

Have you heard it?

Have you heard it? Will you listen? Have you heard My still small voice? Will you listen to and hear all I say? For lo, many do not even realize I speak. Others never know or realize I am speaking to them. I tell… Continue Reading “Have you heard it?”

What will you believe in?

What will you believe in? Will you believe in Me? Will you believe in all I am and all I do? Will you believe in My wonder working, supernatural power? For lo, I will do that which is beyond natural. I will do that… Continue Reading “What will you believe in?”