Month: September 2018

Will you enter in?

Will you enter in? Will you enter into My courts with praise? Yes, many do but many refuse to stay. Will you come? Will you enter in and stay? Will you come and abide with Me? Far too many come in for a short… Continue Reading “Will you enter in?”

Let it pour!

I say, let it pour into you. Let it pour! Let Me pour My spirit into you. Let Me pour My love into you. For as I pour into you, I desire you to pour it out unto all who are around you. I… Continue Reading “Let it pour!”

Why do you come?

Why is it? Why do you come? Why do you come to Me? Is it to know Me? Is it out of your desire and love for Me? Do you come because I am good and I love you? I tell you this, many… Continue Reading “Why do you come?”

Will you be mine?

Let Me separate you! Let Me set you apart. I say, let Me put My mark upon you. For I desire to give you a white stone, yes and a new name. I say come, be made clean and whole. For My desire is… Continue Reading “Will you be mine?”

What do I own?

Is it too much? Is it too grandeur? Well tell Me, what do I own? I am the creator of heaven and earth. The earth is mine and the fullness therein. Are you My child? Then why would you limit Me on what I… Continue Reading “What do I own?”

What will you hold onto?

What is it, what will you hold onto? Will you hold onto Me, My word and all I am? Will you hold onto your faith in Me, in all I have said and promised? For lo, many have chosen to hold onto that which… Continue Reading “What will you hold onto?”

Have they swelled?

I say to you, look! Look and see. Have they swelled? Have your feet swelled? Have your clothes waxed old? Did you forget who I am? I am Jehovah Jireh, your provider. I am your source and supply. For lo, though it may seem… Continue Reading “Have they swelled?”

Will you tarry?

I say to you, search your heart and see. Will you tarry? Who is it you will tarry with? For lo, though I long for you and desire intimacy with My people, they choose to tarry with another. What will you do? Who will… Continue Reading “Will you tarry?”

Will you go?

Will you go? Will you meet Me? Will you walk up the mountain to be with Me? For lo, I am calling to you. I say come, come up hither. Come up and let Me hide you in the midst of My glory. Come… Continue Reading “Will you go?”

What will you listen to?

What is it? What will you listen to? Will you listen to My voice? Will you listen to My spirit? Will you listen to the flesh? Will you listen to the world and the enemy? I ask you this, what has become the loudest?… Continue Reading “What will you listen to?”