Month: September 2018

Will you be drawn?

I ask you this, will you? Will you be drawn? What will you be drawn by? Will you be drawn in by My spirit? Will you be drawn by My love? Will you be drawn into My presence? For lo, I have seen so… Continue Reading “Will you be drawn?”

What does it cost?

What do you bring? What is it? What does it cost? Will you bring Me that which cost you nothing? For lo, that which costs nothing is worth nothing. I say to you, bring to Me that which costs much. I say bring Me… Continue Reading “What does it cost?”

Have you found it?

Tell Me this, have you found it? Have you found the victory in Me? Have you found that hidden treasure? Have you found the pearl of great price? Have you found out who you are in Me? Have you found out just how greatly… Continue Reading “Have you found it?”

What do you want?

What is it? What do you want? What do you want more of? Do you want more of Me? Do you want more of My presence, My spirit and My word? Then I say come and spend time with Me. For lo, many claim… Continue Reading “What do you want?”

Will you trade it?

Are you mine? Are you called by My name? Then let Me ask you this, will you trade it? I have given you a new name. I have given you a white stone. I have redeemed you from the curse of the law, the… Continue Reading “Will you trade it?”

What do you fear?

What is it? What do you fear? Do you fear men? Do you fear Me? For lo, I have said the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Yet I tell you this, many fear what men say, many fear what men… Continue Reading “What do you fear?”

Let Me remove it!

Let Me remove it! Let Me remove the cap. Let Me remove the boundaries and the limitations. For lo, I will do that which is well beyond all you could imagine. I will do well beyond all you could think. For I tell you,… Continue Reading “Let Me remove it!”

Has it separated?

Have you seen it? Has it happened? Has it separated? For lo, look and see. I will separate the cream from the milk. For I will cause those whose lives are desperate and long for Me to rise up. I will cause those who… Continue Reading “Has it separated?”

Will you step in?

Where is it, where will you step? Will you step in? What will you step into? Will you step into My glory? Will you step into My presence? Will you step into all that I have for you? I ask again, what will you… Continue Reading “Will you step in?”

Will you spend it?

Will you spend it? Will you spend that time I so desire with Me? Will you spend it in My presence? Will you spend it in My word? Will you spend your time, your thoughts and energy on Me? For lo, many of My… Continue Reading “Will you spend it?”