Does it ache?

Does it ache? Does your heart ache for Me? Does your heart yearn for more? Do you hunger and thirst after Me and My righteousness? Know this, I will fill you. Have I not said it in My word? For I have said it and know I will make good. For I am not a man that I should lie. I said seek Me and you shall find Me. Come unto Me and know I will not turn you away. For I see your heart. I know the thoughts and intents of your heart. Come to Me. Come boldly and know I love you. Ask of Me and I will give. Give Me your all and I will give you more. I say, be willing and receive of Me. For I will pour of My spirit, My presence and My fullness into you to overflowing so as you may take it to the nations, the city and those around you sayeth the Lord.

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