What time is it?

Have you taken notice? Have you considered it? What time is it? Have you spent it with Me? Have you even considered Me or thought on Me? For lo, though many say they are mine, they never give Me thought. Many never give Me time. Just give Me your time. I long to spend time with you. Far too many of My people have become too busy, too self absorbed to even think on Me. I desire you more than when it’s convenient for you. I desire you more than once or even twice a week. It is time to put away self, flesh and distractions. I say, it is time to seek Me. It is time to seek My face. You see, time is short. For soon time will be no more. It is time to know Me as I know you. It is time to be filled to overflowing with My spirit, My word and My presence. For I come quickly sayeth the Mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

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