What does it cost?

What do you bring? What is it? What does it cost? Will you bring Me that which cost you nothing? For lo, that which costs nothing is worth nothing. I say to you, bring to Me that which costs much. I say bring Me your life. Bring Me your all. Did you not know or realize you are precious? Did you not know or realize you are costly? I say give Me your life. For lo, I will receive it gladly. As you do, it comes up before Me as a beautiful fragrance. Yes, a sweet smelling savor. For I tell you this, though it may cost you much, even all, the reward is great. For lo, I am your great reward. So come, offer up your life to Me. Be made new, be made whole, be made My beloved bride and know I receive you. For My love for you is great sayeth the Lord.

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