Will you trade it?

Are you mine? Are you called by My name? Then let Me ask you this, will you trade it? I have given you a new name. I have given you a white stone. I have redeemed you from the curse of the law, the flesh and sin. I have set you free. For he whom the son sets free is free indeed. I tell you, do not look back. Do not trade truth for a lie. Why would you? Why trade life for death? Why trade new for old? I said in My word, when you’ve done all to stand, stand therefore. I know how to keep you. I tell you. Trade in your old for My new. For I will give you robes of righteousness. Yes, I will give you the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. Just come to Me. Rely upon and trust in all I am, all I have and all I say and do. For with Me nothing is impossible. Nothing is too hard. So cast all your cares upon Me for I care for you and be mine. Be made whole sayeth the Mighty Lord of heaven and earth.

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