Let Me remove it!

Let Me remove it! Let Me remove the cap. Let Me remove the boundaries and the limitations. For lo, I will do that which is well beyond all you could imagine. I will do well beyond all you could think. For I tell you, the natural mind is but limited to all I desire to do. For eye hath not seen nor ear heard all that I am or all I will do. As you allow Me and let Me remove it, it shall be explosive. For I will pour out My spirit, My presence, My power and My glory upon all. Know I am willing. Know I am ready. Know that I will do that which has never been done before. Just allow Me. Allow Me to remove all that would hold back, hinder or stop all I determine and purposed to do. For know this, I will move mightily on this earth once again and it shall be glorious in My sight sayeth the Lord.

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