Has it separated?

Have you seen it? Has it happened? Has it separated? For lo, look and see. I will separate the cream from the milk. For I will cause those whose lives are desperate and long for Me to rise up. I will cause those who are rich with the fat and the sweet to rise to the top. For they have humbled themselves in My hand. They have humbled themselves in My presence, in My glory and fully before Me. For the humble shall be exalted and lifted up. I will stir the pot. I will cause those who are fully mine to become separated from that which is not. Do not look at the outward appearance. For know this, I look at the heart. I know the thoughts and intents of your heart. So come, be full of Me, be rich in My spirit, My love and My presence. Know I will draw you up. Know I will use you and separate you for My glory, for My purpose and plan sayeth the Lord.

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