Will you enter in?

Will you enter in? Will you enter into My courts with praise? Yes, many do but many refuse to stay. Will you come? Will you enter in and stay? Will you come and abide with Me? Far too many come in for a short while then turn and leave. For they are too focused on self than Me. I died to restore you unto Me, not for your selfishness and sin. Come and abide in My presence. Abide in Me! Let Me surround you with My presence, My love and My spirit. I say, enter in and commune with Me. Spend time with Me. Come in and sup with Me. For I will give you all you need. I will satisfy your longing soul. I will refresh and restore you, yet I desire you full time. For I am a jealous God. I will not share you with another. My desire is for you. I love you and call out to you to come. Come and abide in Me. Abide with Me and know My heart, My spirit and My desire. It is to spend that intimate time I so desire, to have you know Me as I know you sayeth the Lord.

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