Why do you come?

Why is it? Why do you come? Why do you come to Me? Is it to know Me? Is it out of your desire and love for Me? Do you come because I am good and I love you? I tell you this, many come, yet they come to use Me. Many come because of what I do. Yes, many come out of pure love for Me, yet many have become deluded and deceived. They have become selfish, arrogant and full of pride. I desire you to come to Me to know and love Me. I came to restore you to Me, to restore all that was lost in the garden. Will you come and sup with Me? Will you come and walk with Me? For I tell you this, as you come close and hold Me, I will come and hold you. For you truly are dear to Me. Yes, you truly are the desire of My heart and the apple of My eye sayeth the Lord of glory.

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