Will you tarry?

I say to you, search your heart and see. Will you tarry? Who is it you will tarry with? For lo, though I long for you and desire intimacy with My people, they choose to tarry with another. What will you do? Who will you choose? For lo, many have chosen to tarry with self, flesh and the world. They have put Me aside. I ask you the same as I asked My disciples, can you not tarry with Me yet one hour? I tell you this, they that wait upon Me shall renew their strength. I say, put aside that which comes to naught. Put aside that which draws you away. Come, tarry with Me. Know Me as I know you. Set your affections, your attention and desire upon Me and know I love you. I will strengthen you and abide in and with you sayeth the Lord God Almighty, the Lord God of heaven and earth.

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