Will you go?

Will you go? Will you meet Me? Will you walk up the mountain to be with Me? For lo, I am calling to you. I say come, come up hither. Come up and let Me hide you in the midst of My glory. Come up here, where you will be hidden from all others. I say come up here and talk with Me as a man talks with his friend. As you do, My glory shall be apparent in you. My love, My power, My spirit and all I am shall be apparent on you and through you. You don’t focus on that. You focus upon your relationship with Me. Know this, I WILL use you. I will use you to draw men to Me. You shall draw men by your relationship with Me. Some will be repelled and yet others will be convicted. You just love Me and come up hither to where I am at and be mine sayeth the Lord.

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