What will you listen to?

What is it? What will you listen to? Will you listen to My voice? Will you listen to My spirit? Will you listen to the flesh? Will you listen to the world and the enemy? I ask you this, what has become the loudest? What have you set your ear to and paid attention to? You see, you must decide. You must choose. You must choose what and who you will listen to. Many try to listen to both yet this cannot be. It will never work. For the two contradict each other. Just remember, in the world and the flesh there is but death. In Me, My word and My spirit there is life. Yes, life and life more abundantly. I say, choose Me. Choose life. Choose to turn away from the flesh, sin and the world. Follow Me. Lay down your life. For I will lead you into the paths of righteousness sayeth the Lord.

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