Month: September 2018

Does it ache?

Does it ache? Does your heart ache for Me? Does your heart yearn for more? Do you hunger and thirst after Me and My righteousness? Know this, I will fill you. Have I not said it in My word? For I have said it… Continue Reading “Does it ache?”

What time is it?

Have you taken notice? Have you considered it? What time is it? Have you spent it with Me? Have you even considered Me or thought on Me? For lo, though many say they are mine, they never give Me thought. Many never give Me… Continue Reading “What time is it?”

Is it come?

Tell Me this, is it come? Have the times of refreshing come? Have the fires of revival been lit? Has My spirit flooded your city, your state, your country and nation? I tell you this, it has began, yet many do not see it.… Continue Reading “Is it come?”

Can I speak to you?

Can I speak to you? Can I speak over you? Can I speak into you? Tell Me, will you listen? For lo, I will speak. I will speak that which you must hear. I will speak to your heart. I will speak to your… Continue Reading “Can I speak to you?”

Have you raised it?

What have you done? What will you do? Have you raised it? What have you raised up? Have you raised up a shout of triumph? Have you raised up your voice in praise to Me? For lo, I see what is going on. I… Continue Reading “Have you raised it?”

Are you constrained?

What will you do? Where will you go? Have you been constrained? Tell Me this, are you constrained? By who? I tell you this, it is by you. For I have taken the constraints off. I have said all things are possible to them… Continue Reading “Are you constrained?”

What will you do?

What will you do? Will you see as men see? Will you see through the eyes of faith? Will you see in the spirit? Will you see as I see? For too many of My people have lost their sight. For they have chosen… Continue Reading “What will you do?”

Have you prepared it?

Have you, have you prepared it? Have you prepared the ground of your heart? Tell Me this, what have you prepared it for? Have you prepared it for Me, My word, My spirit and My fullness? For many have prepared their hearts, yet they… Continue Reading “Have you prepared it?”

Has it been undone?

For lo, the enemy is but a defeated foe, yet many of My people continue to walk in bondage. For many walk in religion, tradition, sin, self and condemnation. I tell you REJOICE! Lift up your head. For lo, the works of the enemy,… Continue Reading “Has it been undone?”

Will you dare?

Tell Me this, will you dare? Will you dare to put My word to work? Will you dare to trust Me and watch Me perform it? For lo, though many claim to love Me and to be mine, they never dare to put forth… Continue Reading “Will you dare?”