Where have you laid it?

Where have you laid it? Where have you laid your trust? Have you laid it in Me? Have you laid it in the riches of men? Have you laid it in wisdom or the world? Have you laid it in your own strength? Where is it, where have you laid it? For lo, many have laid their trust in that which fades away. Yes many, even those who say they are mine have laid their trust in another. Yet I have said, trust in Me with all your might and lean NOT unto your own understanding. Know that I will not fail, nor can I. For I do not lie. I tell you, as you trust Me and put all your faith in Me, I will prove myself over and above all you could ask, think or hope for. I say lay it all down before Me. Lay it all upon the altar. For I have said, give and it shall be given unto you. Trust Me, rely upon Me and watch the mighty things I do sayeth the Lord.

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