Has it cleaved to you?

Have you stood your ground? Have you held onto My word? Has it cleaved to you? For lo, I am your strength. I say watch as I cause My word to cleave to you. For lo, though you may seem weary, the enemy will not even be able to peel My word from out of your hand. Remember what My word says? My word is the sword of the spirit. I tell you, wield it with a mighty force. For you shall do the enemy great damage. I have given you the victory. I say, go in and take the spoils that belong to you. I say again, let My word cleave to you. Do not let go, no matter what may appear or happen, for My word is true. Just remember, I watch over My word to perform it. I have magnified My word above My very name. Trust Me and see the victory sayeth the Lord.

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