Are you great?

Who knows you? Who are you known by? Are you great among men or are you great in My sight? For lo, many would desire and long to be great among men. For lo, they treasure and highly esteem the thoughts and opinions of man. Know this, they have their reward. For though outwardly they appear righteous and holy, inside they are but ravenous wolves, full of dead men’s bones. I tell you, pride comes before a fall. Humble yourself and be known of Me. For the humble shall be lifted up and exalted. Those who are great in My sight have been lightly esteemed of men. Yet I will remind you of this, that which is done in secret shall be broadcast on the rooftops. For I exalt the humble. It is those who crucify the flesh, who come to Me as a little child. They shall be great. Great in Me. Great to Me and used greatly by Me sayeth the Lord.

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