Will you burn?

What is your desire? What do you want? What is your choice? Would you be that which is hot and transformed into My image? Will you be that which I can refine and remove all the dross? Have you chosen to desire Me? Do you want Me? Do you want to present Me gold, silver and precious stones? For lo, many desire that which I have and do, yet they also want that which is sensual, earthly and of the flesh. Far too many have chosen to be that which is lukewarm. Some have chosen to be cold. Both are unmoldable, unrefinable and unchangeable. I say, desire Me. Desire My fire. Choose that better thing. Decide whom you will serve. Know this, My fire will come. All will be tried by it, yet some will bring forth that which is precious and others that which is not. So come to Me. Let Me burn in you. Let My fire consume you and know I have desired you from the beginning of time. I have called you by name and I love you sayeth the Mighty Lord God of heaven and earth.

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