Has it been stamped?

Has it been stamped? Has your heart been stamped with eternity? Has it been burned? Has it been branded and seared with My love? Know this, I said I would write My word upon the tablets of your heart. I say, let Me imprint it upon your heart. Yes, let Me stamp it so that it is permanently affixed. You see, far too many have set their eyes upon themselves. Many have turned to the right and to the left for their own selfish desires. Few have a sense of eternity. Few have a true sense of My love. I say humble yourself. Ask of Me. Let Me give to you. For I will stamp My mark upon you. I will cause you to see that which you must see. I will cause you to burn with eternity upon your heart. I will cause you to do great exploits and works in My name. Yes, all for My glory and many will be saved. Many shall be touched. For I will bring in the increase. I will do the work sayeth the Lord.

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