Can I be it?

Can I be it? Can I be the love of your life? Can I be the one you trust and turn to? Can I be your friend? Can I be your God? I died for you yes, I made the way possible, yet now it is up to you. You must decide. I chose you from the foundations of the earth to be mine. Will you choose Me? Can I be it? Can I be your all in all? For though many have called to Me, they have set Me aside. Many have turned away. Know this, I am a jealous God. I am jealous for you. I will not share you with another. So I say to you, choose. I love you so much I gave My one and only son for you. Yes, to restore you unto Me. I ask once again, can I be it? For I desire and long for you to be mine and Me to be yours sayeth the Lord.

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