Am I your strength?

Who is it? Who will you rely on? Will it be Me? Will it be another? Will you rely upon your own strength, your own power and understanding? Remember what I have said, in the flesh is no good thing. What, am I not able? Am I not willing? Am I not powerful enough? I tell you yes, yes I am. For I am God and there is none besides Me. I say to you, rely upon Me, let Me uphold you. For I am more than able. I say to you, cast all your cares upon Me. Allow Me to uphold you. For when you are weak, I am strong. Nothing, no not anything is impossible in Me. Give Me your all and watch what I do. For I will cause you to become all I created you to be. I will cause you to stand firm in My strength, My power and My might. For you are My beloved and I created you by Me and for Me sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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