Where will you stand?

Who are you? Are you a chosen generation? Are you a royal priesthood? Are you My beloved, My beautiful bride? Are you less than what I created you to be? Then tell Me, where will you stand? Will you stand firm upon who I created you to be? Will you listen to the lies of the enemy? Will you choose to stand in the falsehood of what the devil says? Will you stand in what others think, say or believe? I tell you this, stand in My truth. For remember, the truth will set you free. Stand in My perfection. I say, stand boldly before My throne, by faith and declare who you are. Stand upon the rock of your salvation. Know this, I will give you hinds feet. For I know how to keep you in all your ways. Just stand and do not faint. For I am always with you even to the end of the age sayeth the Lord.

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