What do you taste?

What do you taste? What is it you eat? What have you decided to feast upon? Have you chosen that good and perfect thing? Have you chosen to eat the fat and drink the sweet? Have you chosen to eat up the meat of My word, the hidden manna and drink of My new wine? For lo, many who say they are mine do not, they have chosen to eat and consume the dainties and sweets of this world. I have said, taste and see that I am good, yet many have defiled their taste. For they seem to long for the taste of that which seems right to a man. They have filled their bellies with that which is temporary. I say come, feast upon Me. Feast upon that which is eternal. Let the taste of My love, My word and My spirit linger upon your lips. For it is health to your bones and life to your soul. Come and be filled and satisfied and know I am all you need sayeth the Lord.

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