Let Me cure you!

I say, let Me cure you. For you are to be the salt of the earth. I say, I will salt you. I will salt you with My fire. I will cause all those who see you to taste and see I am good. For lo, those who are not cured, they will spoil and rot. They will decay and come to nothing. Yet to those who allow Me to, I will cover and protect. I will cause you to be established and known as mine. Though many would try to come and taint you, they cannot. For I am your defense. I will keep you and protect you. Just allow Me to purge out all that must be purged. Allow Me to do all that must be done. For in doing so, you will be known as My own. You will be unidentifiable as the world’s. For you shall be transformed into My image, no longer a part of this world, all for My glory sayeth the Lord.

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