What have you made?

What have you made? Have you made a place for Me to dwell? Have you made room for Me? Have you made Me your God, your friend and your king? Have you made Me the center of your life? For lo, sad to say, many have not. Many who claim to be mine have made My name a derision. Many have made Me into that which I am not. I ask you this, what have you made? Have you made your abode in Me? Have you made Me your hiding place? For lo, I will dwell in you. I will abide in and with you, yet you must crucify the flesh. You must bury the old man and let Me have all. For I will clean your threshing floor. I will sweep your house clean. For too many make room for the flesh, the world and self. I say, open up and make room for Me and allow Me to do all I desire sayeth the Lord.

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