Month: August 2018

Are you faint?

Are you faint? Let Me refresh you! Are you weak and weary? Let Me strengthen you. For I am the oil and the wine. I am the fat and the sweet. I say, set your eyes upon Me, worship Me, praise Me, give thanks… Continue Reading “Are you faint?”

Be it!

Be it! Be My hands. Be My feet. Be My instrument of love. I tell you, be that which I designed you to be. Many have chosen not to. Many who say they are mine do not and will not, for their hearts are… Continue Reading “Be it!”

Where have you laid it?

Where have you laid it? Where have you laid your trust? Have you laid it in Me? Have you laid it in the riches of men? Have you laid it in wisdom or the world? Have you laid it in your own strength? Where… Continue Reading “Where have you laid it?”

Has it cleaved to you?

Have you stood your ground? Have you held onto My word? Has it cleaved to you? For lo, I am your strength. I say watch as I cause My word to cleave to you. For lo, though you may seem weary, the enemy will… Continue Reading “Has it cleaved to you?”

Has it been planted?

Has it? Has it been planted? Has it been planted where no one but Me can see? Has it been planted where no one knows but Me? Know this, I will cause it to grow. For soon it shall become apparent. I say, it… Continue Reading “Has it been planted?”

Will you mine it?

What will you do? What have you chosen? Will you dig deep? Will you mine it? Will you dig for that hidden treasure? Will you put forth an effort for that which is special and of great value? For lo, there are many who… Continue Reading “Will you mine it?”

How big is it?

Tell Me, how big? How big is it? How big is your faith? For I have given EVERY man the measure of faith. I told you in My word, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. I… Continue Reading “How big is it?”

How high?

How high? How high will you go? Will you go as high as I am? Will you come up hither? For lo, many have decided to stay at the foot of the mountain, yet did I not call you? For I would that you… Continue Reading “How high?”

Are you great?

Who knows you? Who are you known by? Are you great among men or are you great in My sight? For lo, many would desire and long to be great among men. For lo, they treasure and highly esteem the thoughts and opinions of… Continue Reading “Are you great?”

Has it burned?

What has it done? Has it burned? Has your heart burned within you? Has it burned as we walked and talked together? Many have allowed their hearts to grow cold. For they have lost sight of Me. Many have become too self-conscience, self-centered to… Continue Reading “Has it burned?”