Do you burn?

What do you burn? Do you burn with a desire to know Me? Do you burn with holy zeal and fire? Have you been set ablaze by and with Me and My spirit? For lo, many burn, yet they burn with a desire for self, flesh and the world. Though many would say they hunger and thirst for Me, their hearts burn and long for that which is sensual and fleshly. Do not think the world does not see. Do not think the world will not know. I say to you, allow Me to be your consuming fore. I have said I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Receive of Me. Let Me fill you with the oil of My spirit, the oil of joy. Let Me fill you to overflowing and set you ablaze. Know this, as you burn for Me, you will see others aflame as well. As you burn for Me, that light in a dark world, you become that light in a dark and dying world. I say burn, yes burn for Me. Watch as I cause you to bring forth My light, My love, My spirit and My glory to all around you sayeth the Lord.

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