Will you spend it?

I ask you this, what will you do? Will you spend it? Will you spend your mind on the things of this world? Will you spend it on the flesh and self? I say to you, spend your thoughts on Me, My will and My word. I have said to set your mind upon Me. Will you spend your time thinking of you, the word and the flesh or will you spend your time on Me, My word and eternity? I say set your mind upon Me. Watch what I do. For I have said seek ye first My kingdom and My righteousness and ALL these things shall be added unto you. Do not worry about tomorrow. You just seek Me, abide in Me, And spend time in and with Me. Watch and see the transformation that takes place in you, through you and to you as you do. For I will come in and make My abode in you and dwell with you in that secret place sayeth the Lord.

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