What are you?

Are you precious? Are you holy? Are you set apart and sanctified? Well then let Me tell you this, you are also an alabaster box. For you carry that treasure in a earthen vessel. Many do not see it. Many do not know or recognize it. I ask you, will you be broken? Will you be that broken alabaster box? For lo, many choose not to. They hold deer to them, that which must be broken and let loose. I say be broken, be broken before Me, be broken in Me. For as you are broken, that precious treasure will become mighty in Me. For the perfume will permeate EVERYWHERE. It is a sweet smelling odor, a beautiful perfume. As your life is broken, as your flesh is crucified and you release all to Me, I am glorified. For many will smell the perfume. All will know your love for Me. Some will be offended. Yet know this, you offer the best to Me, just as I game My best for you sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

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