Is it finished?

Tell Me, is not My shed blood enough? Did not I fulfill all? I did! For nothing was left behind. No, nothing was left undone. I have said, it is finished. I took it all. I paid it all. I removed all hindrances and blockages. Listen not to the ways of man, listen not to that which seems right to a man, to the flesh or the enemy. I say, be not deceived. I have given you My word. I have given you My Holy Spirit. Do not forget, you were the joy set before Me as Christ hung upon the cross. Yes, it was My pleasure to bruise him. For I see the end from the beginning. I created you for My good pleasure. Take hold! Yes, take hold of all I am. Take hold of all I have. Take hold of all I created you to be. For I created you for Me, to be My beloved, My bride, pure, holy, blameless and without reproach sayeth the Lord

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