Am I new?

Will you contain it? Will you control it? Will you break it in pieces? Will you destroy the mold that man has tried to put Me into? For lo, many have tried to contain Me. Yes, others have tried to control Me. Yet know this, all they have done is block out and hinder all I desire to do. I say to you, let Me move. Let Me do as I see fit. For I will move in a way never seen before. I will move in you. I will move through you. Just allow Me to move. For too long the “church” has done that which seems right to a man, yet in the end it has led to destruction. For it has hindered, blocked and stopped Me. Know this, I will move amongst My people. I will move amongst My pure bride. I will move outside the four walls of today’s “church”. I say, it shall be a beautiful thing. It shall be amazing and wonderful. For I shall blow the wind of My spirit over and amongst the sea once again sayeth the Lord.

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