Let Me pour it!

Will you deny Me? Will you allow Me? I say let Me! Let Me pour it! For I desire to pour out unto you all of My blessings. Many are blocked up. Many have stopped it and prevented Me. Yet I say, let Me, let Me pour it, for I will. I will pour out blessings like never before seen. I will pour out My spirit, My love, My presence and EVERY good and perfect gift upon you. You must be willing, humble and obedient. I say, let me cleanse your threshing floor. Let Me expand you and burn out the chaff. As you do, I will fill you. I will pour all I have, yes all I am into you. For as I pour it into you, you will pour it out into and onto all around you. So I say again, let Me pour it and be full to overflowing of Me so as I may be lifted up and glorified sayeth the Lord.

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