What do you hear?

Tell Me, what is it? What do you hear? What can you hear? Can you hear the sound of heaven? Can you hear the cry of My heart? Do you hear the beating of My heart and feel My love for a lost and dying world? For lo, many who say they are mine do not hear. Many cannot hear. For their ears have been filled. Their ears have waxed gross and old. For all they hear is the sound of religion, self and the world. They have allowed other sounds to drowned out My voice, My heart and the sounds of heaven. I say, clean out your ears. Put away all that would drowned out Me. For lo, those who hear , they do. Those who hear, obey and follow My example. So come, allow Me to open up your ears and hear all of Me. For I will cause you to fulfill all I speak to and in you sayeth the Lord.

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