Do you realize it?

Do you sense it? Can you comprehend it? Do you even realize it? Do you even know or consider the depth of My love? Do not be deceived. Do not listen to the lies of others, no, not even your feelings or emotions. For I am beyond all that. I am love. Did you not read in My word, love never fails? Well, I NEVER fail. For My love goes deeper than the deepest valley. My love is higher than the highest heights. I loved you from the foundations of this earth and desire you. Have you not seen? I proved My great love for you through My beloved son on the cross. So I say to you, come. Come to Me. Let My love fully cover and embrace you. Will you take it? Will you receive it? Will you come and walk in it? For I desire you to walk with Me. Yes, to be My beloved and none other’s sayeth the Lord.

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