Where are your eyes?

Where are they? Where are your eyes? Are they upon Me? Are they upon the oncoming army? I say, set your eyes upon Me. For I will lead you and guide you into that place I desire you to go. Am l not that pillar of fire by night? Am I not that pillar of cloud by day? Lift up your head. Fear not nor be dismayed. For I am with you. Remember what I have said in My word. In famine and destruction you shall laugh. I say take heart, joy in Me, the God of your salvation. For remember this, I have never left you nor forsaken you. For I am your deliverer. I say, keep your eyes set upon Me. Watch and see. For I will take the bad things and turn them around for good to them that love Me and are called by My name. I will use it for My glory. I will use it for My honor. I will use you to lift Me up and draw all men unto Me sayeth the Lord.

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