What have you chosen?

What have you chosen? Tell Me this, what will you choose? Will you listen to Me, My voice and My spirit? For many have chosen to listen to the voice of man. Will you choose to obey Me and bring Me glory? I say to you, do not be like the foolish. Do not listen to or heed the voice of another, for many have chosen to honor the voice of a man over mine. They had started in the spirit yet ended up in the flesh. I tell you, do not allow yourself to be swayed by the voice of man, the voice of the flesh. I say, choose to stand firm. Choose to stand strong upon that which I have spoken in you, to you and through you. I say, choose to honor Me in the midst of all. Choose to obey Me despite all who would speak, act and do all they can to contradict that which I speak. I say, YOU obey My voice. You choose. For I will prove myself. Just watch and see all I do as you stand when you’ve done all to stand in and on Me sayeth the Lord of glory, the Lord God of heaven and earth.

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