Will you step in?

Will you step in? Will you step into the waters? I say, many have decided to just tread upon the banks of the waters. Many just stand and look out and never enter in. I say come, step into the waters. Step in past the foot. Step in past the knee. Step in past the thigh. I say, step into the mighty rushing waters of My Spirit. Step into the mighty flowing waters of My presence and My glory. I say, let Me overwhelm you. Yes, let Me cover and envelop you. For once you do, you shall never be the same again. For you shall be consumed with Me. You shall be consumed by Me and for Me. There shall be no area untouched. Just step in. Step in today and be transformed. Step in today and be transfigured. For you shall show forth Me, My spirit and My glory in all you are, in all you say and in all you do sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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