Would you do it?

Would you? Would you actually do it? Would you walk in faith? Will you take My word and fully walk in it? For many do not. There are those who say that they will, yet in reality they do not. For far too many walk in doubt, unbelief and self. I say, come up hither. Come up to that place I have made for you to stand in. Come, trust Me. Come trust in My word. Come and do that which I have said you can and will do in and through Me. I say go and do it by faith. For faith without works is dead. Remember this, it is I who does the work to, in and through you. Just be obedient and a willing vessel. Watch as I perform My word. I say, watch as I accomplish all I sent it forth to do. For I will complete that good work I started in you sayeth the Lord of heaven and earth.

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